Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bubba's Buddies!

Saturday we went down to Bubba's (one of the restaurants I manage caterings for) and had breakfast. This is a treat for us since it is a little bit of a drive and we never have time to go. We ran into one of my coworkers and she had her adorable son Greyson with her. We had so much fun taking pictures of the boys!Buddies!

You want us to do what for the camera?

Ohhhh.....SMILE! :)
(Eli included a bit of clapping as well)


寂寞の收容所 said...

I see.your babies are so cute^

Lione said...

hello. sorry for the random post. but i was just lookin thru blogs and i thought i'd leave a compliment. congratulations on a happy marriage and a good lookin' baby. Having seen the birth of my son really makes me appreciate children all the more. best wishes to you and the rest of the family