Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy How-o-ween!

I didn't get as many pictures before we went trick-or-treating so I don't have many to post.  Here are the kids before heading out.  The lady bug is waving her arms everywhere so they look non existent.

This guy had the tv on and was very excited about the Rangers game that was starting soon.  He loved Eli's costume and I heard him mutter something about giving Eli all the candy so he could turn his light off and watch the game.

Family pic.  Eli isn't upset but it looks like he is and baby sister is very interested in his stash.  Can you believe this is the best shot we got? :)

Like I said, I didn't get very many pictures.  BUT.....I got a good amount of video!  I thought I would share for those that care.  The first house we went to looked a little scary, but we realized it a little late.  The guy answered the door with a scary mask on.  Luckly, when Eli started to lose it he took the mask off.  I just started yelling about candy so maybe Eli wouldn't cry and ruin my his Halloween. :)  I guess maybe it isn't really a holiday unless someone meltsdown, right?

As Eli would say...."Happy How-o-ween!"



TeamBortzfield said...

so cute we love the videos. Chloe likes the first one. She says right after you, You're a brave guy Eli! We've watched it 3 times.

Sarah Rebecca said...

hahahahhahahhahah love

The Richwine Family said...

The video's are soooo cute!! Hes growing up so quickly!