Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Fall Festival

Both kids had a great time at the fall festival at our church last week.  Well, Eli had fun...Jillian was pretty much just along for the ride.  She looked so cute in her lady bug costume and Eli was SO excited about his costume.  We practice telling people what he (as if you couldn't tell) so he went around all night saying, "I a baseball player!"  So cute.

We took some pictures before we left.  Eli has decided lately that he doesn't really want to have his picture taken so I was very excited when he started showing off.  :)

Eli says "Cheese!"

All smiles!

Eli had a blast at the petting zoo!  He ran around to all the animals so fast I had a hard time keeping up with him!  Since I couldn't say ahead of him, most of these pictures are of his back.

 There were lots of goats.  Eli fed some of them but I wasn't fast enough to get any pictures of that.

Eli kept trying to catch the ducks.  I think he eventually got to touch the back of one in the second picture.  They were actually very loud and slightly agressive.  All the quacking scared Jillian who was in the stroller.

 He tried hard but couldn't get the horse (pony?) to come over.

Eli had fun with this little maze.  When he got to the end, he turned around so he could go back out the start.  He was shocked that he got to get a piece of candy!

 Candy AND a cookie???  What a deal!

Of course the bounce house is always a favorite.  We were there pretty early so there weren't many kids in this small one.  Eli didn't want to come out.  I almost had to go in after him.  I decided he didn't need to do any of the other bounce houses. :)

 Grandpa and the little lady bug!

Eli loved the throwing games.  This one was a little diffficult because they had toy bones to throw into the small whole in Clifford's house.

This bean bag toss was more Eli's style.  He put his own spin on the game by throwing all three bean bags in the same bucket, instead of seperating them into the color coded buckets.  Genius!   lol

This was by far Eli's favorite game!  We didn't see it when we first arrived so there was quite a line when we came back around to it, but I'm sure he thought it was worth it.  The nice man (boy?) gave Eli the bat and made him stand where the other kids stood to bat.  Eli put the bat on his left shoulder and got ready to hit the ball.  The man tried to get him to switch shoulders but Eli didn't want to.  I had to clue the guy in...Eli is a lefty!!  :)  He hit all the balls and didn't want to give the bat up, but getting candy helped ease his pain.

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