Saturday, August 7, 2010


With each new season comes a new sport in our house.  Last Fall was the first real sports season that Eli got into and he LOVED Football.  He was only 14 months but he could recognize when it was on tv and he got very excited.  He also loved to throw and catch his little football.

Then came basketball.  He had a new love.  He was even more obsessed with basketball than football.  During March Madness, Daddy got Eli his own basketball goal and he has spent hours shooting baskets (he is actually pretty good.)  He is always on the lookout for basketball goals in driveways when we drive around the neighborhood and he loved to watch it on tv too.  I was certain basketball was going to be his favorite sport.

Well, we are now in baseball season and not only does he whine for baseball if I try to change the channel when it is on, but he wants to play ALL THE TIME.  Sadly for him, we don't usually have time to spend hours pitching to him, but we play as much as possible.  It is the first thing he wants to play in the morning and he often tries to take his bat in the car.  He usually wants to bat so he brings you the baseball to throw to him, but he also likes to pitch.  We haven't tried to teach him anything, but he has picked up lots of details from watching it on tv.  He has a routine for when he gets ready to bat, and he usually goes into a full wind up when pitching.  He needs some work on accuracy when pitching but he has gotten really good at hitting.

Take a look at our little rookie!


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Team Sherman said...

He's pretty good with that bat and ball. Such cute pics. I know that Jeff is looking forward to having a little boy around to do this with.