Monday, August 9, 2010


We had a great time Saturday night at the Brad Paisley concert!  It was very hot but we were in the shade most of the time so it wasn't too bad and our great seats made up for it.  We didn't really care about the openning acts (there were five!) but we got there in time to see the last two...Justin Moore (I had never even heard of him) and Darius Rucker.  Both were pretty good but when you're outside in hundred degree heat, everyone just wants to see the headliner.  Thanks to Aunt Liz for babysitting so Mommy and Daddy could have a night out!!

We're on our way!

Justin Moore

Hootie - He actually sang a couple of Hootie & the Blowfish songs and I think the crowd liked them better than his country stuff.

Waiting for Brad

Brad Paisley

P.S. What is it obout concerts that makes people lose their minds as soon as they walk out their front door?  While we waited for each act, we did a good bit of people watching and most of the people there had completely forgotten how to dress and act.  Does this make me sound old?  I mean, seriously people, just because your whole chest, stomach, and back are tattooed doesn't mean that the tatoo takes the place of a shirt!  And to all the 16-year-olds out there, you have to wear clothes no matter how hot it is...a tube top with a belt and cowboy boots don't count. 

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