Friday, June 25, 2010

Cooking with Mommy

Eli has taken an interest in cooking lately so I have been trying to let him help me (when it doesn't involve standing over the stove, using knives, or other dangerous activities.) So last week we washed our hands (which he loves doing) and got started making a pizza. He watched me spread the sauce, but refused to taste it. He hates red sauces. Then he helped me add the cheese.Eating more cheese than he is putting on the pizza.

Eli carefully placed the pepperoni's on the pizza.
A couple of days later he wanted to "cook" again so we made cookies. Ok, so they were break and bake, but he still felt like he was cooking. :)
Rolling the dough into balls.

Eli putting the dough on the cookie sheet.

He kept picking the dough back up and trying to put the whole ball in his mouth. I eventually gave him a little pinch (or two!) of the dough. Mom always said not to eat it because of the raw eggs, but I think he is ok. (sorry mom!) :)

Sticky hands!

Blowing on his cookie. He is very concerned about his food being hot.


Classic Eli attitude.


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