Thursday, June 10, 2010

2 Months!

I feel like it was just yesterday we found out we were pregnant and that Eli was going to be a big brother, but our little lady is two months old today! I can't believe how much she has changed in two short months. Where to begin...

Little miss LOVES to be the center of attention. Just talking to her can take her from a screaming fit to smiling and laughing in about three seconds! Speaking of smiling and laughing...she has been doing a lot of that lately. If you talk to her she "talks" back. She likes playing under her activity gym and in her bouncy seat. She also likes laying on her changing table, but that could just be because I always talk to her when she is on it.

She is very cuddly and likes to be rocked to sleep. She will sleep some in her bouncy seat or crib during the day but prefers to sleep in the swing at night. She has been sleeping through the night (most nights anyway) since she was about 6 weeks old so Mommy and Daddy are starting to feel a little less zombie like. :)

Jillian is long and lean. She started wearing 0-3 month clothes at about six weeks old but they are a bit big in the waist still. She has also moved on to size 1 diapers. Her eating schedule has gotten better as well. For the first five weeks or so she wanted to eat about every two hours, but now we can usually hold her off to three hours during the day and she is going much longer than that at night (usually 8 hours or so.)

We have been out and about much more with Jillian than we were with Eli at this age. She is not crazy about the car seat but as long as the car is moving she is usually pretty happy. She likes to be out at different places but her favorite way to take in the sites is from the front pack. She loves to be in the upright position when we are holding her so it make sense that she would like that type of carrier.

Having a little girl is already very different from having a boy. It is hard to remember to put bows on her when I'm not used to doing that with Eli. Also, evertime I change her clothes I feel the need to take her picture. lol Little girl clothes are just so darn cute, and of course she looks gorgeous in them! haha

Sadly, with the two month mark comes a doctor visit and the dreaded shots. She wasn't too happy at the doctor's office and screamed when she got the shots but was exhausted and passed out as soon as we got in the car.

2 Month Stats:
Height: 23.5 in - 85%
Weight: 11 lbs. 6 oz. - 70%


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TeamBortzfield said...

She's beautiful, take all the pictures you can and post them all I want to see!