Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Snowy Sunday in Spring!

Saturday night we went to bed thinking we might get a light dusting of snow that wouldn't even stick. Sunday morning we woke up to this:
This is the view out our front window. I wasn't about to go down to the curb to take a picture of our house!

Here is the back yard. The snow was blowing sideways so everything got covered!

When we got home from church we decided to have Eli give the snow one more try...third times a charm, right? Well, he at least touched it!

Eli thought it was so funny when Daddy would pick up some snow and then throw it down on the driveway. He decided it would also be funny to hit the snow out of Daddy's hand, but he definitely did NOT want to hold the snow himself.

Eli is making a foot print in the snow like Daddy, but he wouldn't put more than one foot in at a time.

Big smile, so proud!

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