Sunday, May 17, 2009

Video Overload!

Eli is doing so many new things every day it is hard to keep track! He started "cruising" a few weeks ago. I've just been slow in getting the videos up. We started out using the remote as bait, just like when he started crawling. Now he cruises all around the kitchen too.

Eli can also wave bye bye, when he decides he wants to. This is the best video of him waving bye bye I've been able to get so far. As you can see, he does two little waves at the very beginning and decides to ignore me the rest of the time. :)

Eli got a new toy from Aunt Liz today and he LOVES it! Watch him "walk" with his little push toy. This was only his second try.

This is after practicing all afternoon. He is getting better already! He also started letting go for a little while and standing on his own. He is getting to be such a big boy!


The Richwine Family said...

WOW! Eli is doing great walking while holding on! Amazing how fast they grow up - seems like just yesterday our little ones were born:-)

Monkey Momma said...

We had JK in his walker/bouncer around 5 months I think. (Very early!) But he LOVED it and I'm convinced it's what strengthened his legs just enough to start walking so early.