Thursday, May 14, 2009

Home Improvements

There are a lot of things that Stephen and I always talk about wanting to change around our house. We finally got most of it painted last summer before Eli came, but there is still much to do. Stephen decided on a whim last week that he was ready to redo the flower bed out front (and I use the term "flower bed" loosely.) It was really just some bushes that the builder put in three years ago that grow WAY to big for the space they were in. I didn't get to take a picture before Stephen started ripping the bushes out, but here are the bushes sitting in our yard after the slaughter.

Stephen did a great job getting the new, much smaller bushes in and we even got some flowers! What a great husband!

We also finally got some curtains up in the family room! So embarrassing that it took us three years to do this!! Please excuse all the toys...they have taken over the room.




Lauren and Derek said...

Better late than never! It looks even better in person!

TeamBortzfield said...

That looks great! I love a hubby who takes pride in his yard!

Adams Plus One said...

I like the curtain addition and the colors you've gone with. Nice job!

Vicar of Texas said...

I hear a certain Mr. McPhail helped with the landscaping. Looks good. You and your husband need to come visit....soon.