Friday, October 31, 2008


Last weekend we took Eli on his first road trip to see my family. It is a 6 hour trip and we didn't leave until about 7:00 pm on Friday so we knew we were in for a long night. Eli did great though! He slept the whole way there!! He woke up about 10 minutes from my parents house and I fed him in his car seat. He finished up just as we got to the house at about 12:30 am. Of course he was wide awake then, but my parents loved that. We stayed up talking and playing with Eli until about 2:30. Eli ate again and went to sleep until 6:30. After that feeding my mom took over so I could get about 2 more hours of sleep. I REALLY wish she lived here! :)

On Saturday we ran to Toys R Us for a bit, then to Chick-Fil-A. Eli had a bit of a meltdown there. He cried and cried, but didn't want to eat. We think he was just over tired. Once we got back in the car he went to sleep, only to wake up at the next stop. He was actually awake most of the afternoon after that, which wasn't a good thing because when we went to dinner that night he had another meltdown. I tried to get him quite while everyone else went inside. After a while, I realized he was just too upset and not going to calm down until he gave in and went to sleep. I went in to tell everyone that I was going to take him home, but mom wanted a go at it. She took him outside and walked around with him for a while. He would get quite for a while, then start crying again. The poor thing was just so tired after his parents screwed up the little bit of a schedule he had. To make a really long story short, Stephen ended up putting him back in the car seat and driving him around until he fell asleep. He then very carefully brought Eli back inside so we could finish eating. Have I mentioned yet that we were at Red Lobster again? I think Eli and I must have the same feelings about that place.

We left about 2pm on Sunday. Eli slept until we stopped about half way through. He ate then and went back to sleep for a little while. He was awake the last hour and a half, crying off and on, but was pretty good coming home.

Eli got to see my family and they got to see him so I think the weekend was pretty much a success. Somehow in all this chaos, we didn't take a single picture! I can't believe we have nothing to show for this adventure. We'll do better next time. :)

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