Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Friday Fun

Daddy went down to the Friday night Baylor game a few weeks ago so we had friends from Waco come see us so we wouldn't be lonely.  And so the kids wouldn't drive me bonkers while Daddy was gone. :)

Friday morning we met at a bounce house play center in Plano.  Here are all three kids in some kind of trampoline.

Sweet Avery!

Trying to get in the bounce house witht he basketball.  Easier said than done.

She likes basketballs almost as much as her brother.

Avery taking a turn.

The future star taking a shot.  Is it a shock that this was his favorite inflatable? :)

The girls trying to climb up the obstacle course.  We ended up having to help them.

Here comes Avery!

All the kids LOVED the slides!  We had to help the girls some so we got to experience them for ourselves and those slides are seriously fun! :)

Climbing up the big slide!

Amy coming down the slide with my babies.  I just love Eli's face!  Don't let Jillian fool you...she loved every second!

We played outside Friday night.  They are always happier outside.

The girls taking turns on the slide.

Love her little pink cheeks!

J's new facial expression.  She loves to pucker her lips!

Eli and Jillian love to spot the airplanes.  They can hear one from miles away!

We had a great weekend with our friends.  Come back soon!!

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Amy said...

We had SOOO much fun with you guys!!! We can hardly wait to see you again!!!! MOVE TO WACO!!! : )