Saturday, July 10, 2010

3 Months!

Our baby girl is three months old today! She is getting so big and I'm starting to feel like she isn't a newborn anymore. I have never seen a baby that smiles so easily! All you have to do is talk to her and she gives you the biggest toothless grin!
She has been sleeping pretty good lately. She usually goes to bed around 7:30 or 8:00 and will wake up once before getting up at 6:00 or 6:30. She usually takes one long nap during the day and several short naps.

Jillian still loves to ride in the front pack but can now face out to see the world! She holds her head up VERY well, and will try to sit up when we put her in her bouncy seat. She still likes to play under her activity gym and loves to grab at the toys.

She hates the car seat but really likes the activity bar we put on there. Sadly, the music doesn't play very long so I have to reach back and turn it on about every 15 seconds. lol

Jillian is getting bigger all the time! She is in size 2 diapers and is starting to wear 3-6 month clothes (some of the 0-3 month clothes still fit but are too short!) She eats about 5 oz. every three hours.
She really loves for us to talk to her and she "talks" back a lot. She reacts a lot to us so she is becoming even more fun to play with lately. Big brother loves having her around too! Happy 3 months baby girl!



TeamBortzfield said...

Happy 3 months Jilly J you looked so cute yesterday, I'm glad you are being so good for your Mama.

Sarah Beth said...

Hey Davis family! I just ran across your blog through Jessica's (my sister in law) and wanted to say hi! Your kids are precious, and I love Jillian's sweet smile!!