Saturday, September 26, 2009

B-A-Y-L-O-R Baylor Bears Fight!

Last Saturday we drove down to Waco to support our Bears at the home opener. Sadly, they lost, but we had a great time cheering them on! Of course, this was not Eli's first appearance at a Baylor game and will definitely not be his last.
Eli and Daddy at his first Baylor game last year.
Eli & Mommy at the first game this year. What a difference a year makes!! It was pretty hot...see Eli's rosy cheeks?

Eli & Grandmommy

Eli & Uncle Keith (and Uncle Keith's hat...Eli LOVES hats!)

"Mom, what is this football thing all about?"

Daddy teaching Eli all about the game!

Quiet ride home!

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Lauren and Derek said...

Such a fun tradition and so cool to share this with little Eli! Can't wait to bring our little one next year although I don't think I'll be at every game! Sic'em!