Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last night we went out to the new Cowboys stadium for a great concert! We had been looking forward to this for a really long time and had a BLAST!!!! We saw Lee Ann Womack (filling in for Julianne Hough), Blake Shelton, Reba, and George Strait! What an awesome lineup! We got out to the stadium early so we could look around before the show started. What an incredible place!!! I took lots of pictures but I'm not sure they do it justice. It was so nice to be at the first event with everything so nice and new! View of the stadium as we walked up from the parking lot. Traffic to the stadium and walking from the parking lot was not nearly as bad as we had anticipated.

Walking with the crowd!

In case anyone wants to know how much a Chipotle Chicken Sandwich is at the stadium, it's $10.00. Unfortunately, I can't tell you if the food was good...we couldn't afford it. But the bottled water was pretty good. Stephen got a fountain drink in one of the special Cowboys cups with blue lids. Sadly, with 60,000 people showing up for a country music concert, they had NO straws.

One of several nice lounge areas we passed while looking around. I'm sure these areas will be restricted at all other events for specific ticket holders, but they were letting us go anywhere we wanted last night.

This was the first view we had once we entered the arena. This was at about 5:00 pm and the concert started at 5:30 pm. We were surprised how many people showed up late. The concert was supposed to be sold out, but there were definitely empty seats, including the two in front of us. With the AC on, this place was cool and comfortable, unlike Texas Stadium.

The HUGE tv. WOW. I think they said it is 50 yards long. It doesn't matter where you sit in this place, as long as you can see this thing. I actually felt bad for the people sitting on the floor since they could only see the small screens by the stage.

The stage was also very big. Everything looked extremely small up there.

View from the end zone. If you sit here, you can only see the smaller screens.

Me and hubby.

Lee Ann Womack. I was actually excited that she was filling in for the Dancing With the Stars girl, but she just ok. No real stage presence.

In between sets they would advertise for other events, including the Baylor vs. Texas Tech game in November. Stephen loved the Baylor football footage.

Blake Shelton. He sounded great and was very entertaining.

We met up with some friends in the end zone between sets and got some pics. Stephen, Matt, and Alan with the ballpark in the background.

Laure, Me, and Candice.

Reba. She was awesome! She sang all her hits, then left the stage without doing Fancy!

But she came back with her red dress on and didn't disappoint! :)

Stephen and his brother Keith

Me, my soon to be sister-in-law Carrie, and my sister-in-law Liz. What fun bunch of girls!

Then came the King of Country. G-E-O-R-G-E!! What an entertainer!! He did such a great job! He made it look so effortless! We listened to him for two hours and heard so many great hits, and still didn't hear them all! I could have stood another hour or two. :)

Then he asked Jerry, who was sitting with Jimmy Johnson, to open the roof!


Adams Plus One said...

That is so awesome! I bet it was a wonderful concert. Wish I were there! :) Great pictures.

Monkey Momma said...

I heart George.