Monday, February 9, 2009


Our little boy is growing up! He is trying to hard to crawl! In this first video, it is pretty late and he is getting fussy, but still strying to get to his toys! :) The last video is of Eli playing with Daddy. It was his first time in a high chair at a restaurant. Such a big boy!


KarenD said...

Hey, girl! Good to find you on the world wide web. (or rather, glad you found me!) Yup, these baby boys keep us busy, eh? Yeah, didn't make the game at Homecoming... sorry! Ian and I were both worn out from the parade, we slept through the game!

Eli sure is a cutie... big blue eyes and gotta love the little chunky thighs! Alright, I've added you to the blogroll, so be seein' ya soon!

Kasie said...

oh my... he is adorable! I have a 3 1/2 month old & she just rolled over for the first time yesterday. How fun!