Monday, November 17, 2008

Bears over Aggies!

On Saturday we went down to Waco to cheer the Bears on to a win over the Aggies! We were so glad to pull out a victory. Unfortunately, Eli and I didn't even see one play. It was too cold for him so we sat in the bathroom whole time. Our friends came down every once in a while to visit us and we took some pictures to pass the time. Thanks for the pics Candice! Eli and Mommy hanging out in the nice bathroom on the alumni side. You can't tell but he is wearing his Baylor Bears hat from Uncle Chris.
Mr. Independent is trying to stand up. Please ignore the drool/spit up...we went through several outfits that night. :)

After dinner with the girls.

The Boys

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Chris said...

Uncle Chris appreciates the shout out. Was good to see my nephew Saturday.