Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Who will vote for me in 2044?This is my thoughtful pose.

This is my playful pose! :)

Side note: Yes, he is laying on his changing pad. He LOVES it. Sometimes when he is having his crying time at night (which comes every night) I lay him on it just to get him quiet for a minute. If I thought it was safe, I'd let him sleep there.


The Kennedy's said...

I may consider an additional changing pad in his bed and one for the family room... but that's just me! :)

The Duece Crew said...

I have a sleep positioner that's foam, and he LOVES it. But I can only use it for so long because as he gets older he wiggles out of it.

Monkey Momma said...

Britt, would you consider laying the changing pad in his crib? I've done that a time or two with JK in the past.