Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playing, Swinging, & Strolling

New discoveries:

Eli LOVES to look at all his toys on his jungle gym thing (not really sure the technical name for it.) In the last picture, he even grabbed one of the toys and was swinging it around!

Eli also likes to swing. As you can see, we have started a bad habit. He loves to sleep in the swing and when he is really fussy at night, we let the swing rescue us. Hopefully we can get him out of this habit before he becomes too attached to it. You can also tell that this newborn outfit is getting too small for him...yes, those are supposed to be pants. :)

Eli only likes going for a walk in the stroller if we are moving. Since he cried before the walk because we hadn't started moving yet and cried at the end of the walk because we stopped moving, I couldn't ever get a good picture. Doesn't he just look pitiful?


The Duece Crew said...

Girl, do not even worry about the swing thing...whatever helps him AND you sleep is what's best. The swing, exactly like yours, is the only place Reagan would sleep for 9 whole months. And she stopped and now sleeps in a twin. Nothing lasts forever, but boy does it feel like it with kids. You're doing a great job, and if that's where he sleeps then that's ok.

Wolfe Blog said...

Love the update and pictures. What a cutie!!

Oh, and I will get that recipe to you soon. I remembered that I needed to send it to you when I made it this week but I don't have it with me at work.

TeamBortzfield said...

he's adorable, I can't beleve how big he looks in such a short time. Hope you are all doing well.