Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bath Time

Well, as I was changing Eli's dirty diaper today, he decided he wasn't quite finished and proceeded to poop and pee all over the changing table and himself, resulting in a bath. As you can see, he loves baths. :) I consider myself lucky that it took six days for him to pee without his diaper on.


Luke, Kristen & Pierce said...

Several things to comment on:
1. Congratulations on your absolutely precious baby!
2. Congrats on the 6 day "no pee". Quite an accomplishment.
3. You always look like you just finished shooting a Neutrogena commercial. Seriously, I look at your pretty face and shiny hair and feel the need to go give myself a good scrubbin. :) Even after giving birth - gorgeous!

TeamBortzfield said...

He has such good color, I hope you're feeling well and adjusting to the new guy. You look great

The Kennedy's said...

Seriously, Kristen said everything I was going to say... but mostly, I can't believe how glowy and pretty and clean and pretty and clean you look! :) Love your little guy!